Ink shares Nerdist Competition

Hi! My name is Robert Wren. 

Ophelia, Doll is my first novel, a dark fantasy. I’ve entered Ophelia, Doll in the Inkshares Nerdist Contest. If Ophelia, Doll is in the top 5 based on unique pre-orders when the contest ends on September 30th, I will win a publishing contract, including professional editing, professional book cover design, marketing and distribution. One of the top 5 will be chosen by the Nerdist to be included in its collection. As a new author, this would be life-changing.

Your pre-order of the book = one vote for Ophelia, Doll. The book is $9.99, but here’s a trick to get it for $4.99: Create an Inkshares account (just provide an e-mail address and a password, it’s that simple), log out and wait for an e-mail giving you a $5 credit. You can then log back in and pre-order Ophelia, Doll for $4.99.

Thank you for your support! To keep up with what’s going on, you can also follow Ophelia, Doll on Facebook at and on Twitter at You can check the Nerdist Contest leaderboard here: