Last Inkshares Reader Update

It’s been a blast guys. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not to keep pushing for my Inkshares goal, but I’m afraid this just isn’t the right fit for me. For those of you looking to launch your own book someday, I think they are worth considering and if you ever want to reach out to me personally I can help you navigate the pros and cons, and perhaps organize your publicity efforts. This is the last Reader Update I will be sending out, because after this I am going to ask that someone from Inkshares deletes my book’s profile page.

I want to thank Inkshares and the other authors who have been genuine and kind throughout this competition. I hope you all find what you’re looking for in the way of publishing and community building.

Since I won’t have access to anymore reader updates, here are some ways you can follow Ophelia, Doll:


Twitter: @opheliadollbook


Your support has meant a lot to me over the last six or so weeks. I hope you’ll continue to keep an eye on Ophelia, Doll using the above methods as I work towards securing publishing. Thank you.