Monsters Taking Shape

Well now you’ve gone and done it. This morning, I wake up to find that we’ve hit that 200 supporters marker I was talking about, and so you all should have received a notification that I have kept to my word and uploaded chapter six, which I call “Monsters Taking Shape.”

In this chapter, we are returned to Ophelia’s present where children and adults alike are spreading rumors about the soon to arrive Impresario. I’ve always thought that rumors are like the modern seeds for a good ghost story and I tried to reflect that in what I’ve written, as the individual rumors start to gather and form a picture that takes on a life that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

When we hit 250, I’ve got the next chapter all locked and loaded too, in which the Impresario finally comes to town and we start to see the ripple effects of his presence. When we hit 300, I’ll release chapter seven, which I am really excited about because that’s when the Impresario makes his first in the flesh debut. I like the character a lot. Someone asked me to describe him a couple weeks back and the description I came up with is this: If Count Olaf and Willy Wonka had a child that was possessed by demons and he grew up to be a huge Shakespeare junkie.

Can’t wait to share him with you all! As always, feedback and reviews are welcome and I will either live or die in this contest by your support, so I thank you tremendously.

Robert Wren